Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Arts & Inquiry Online Invitational 

Curated by Cynthia Willett


noun \ˌmē-ˌzäⁿ-ˈsen, -ˈsān\  From Meriam –Webster, Definition of mise–en–scène plural mise–en–scènes play \-ˈsen(z), -ˈsān(z)\

1 a :  the arrangement of actors and scenery on a stage for a theatrical production    

b :  stage setting

2 a: the physical setting of an action (as of a narrative or a motion picture)            

b: environment, milieu

This exhibition will present a series of experimental videos that are formatted along the lines of narrative. These may be photographic, animations, slides of artworks, etc, executed by hand or digitally and presented in video form. I prefer YouTube for format consistency. YouTube also accepts short pieces. The works must be original. Please do not submit documentary videos. Videos must be arranged sequentially and demonstrate a story being told through images--connected by a unifying thread—from beginning to end.

Videos must be no more than 5 minutes long, preferably 3 minutes and under.

The works must be creative and experimental—tied together by:

· developments within a theme, subject; style

· manipulations of patterns, objects, color/light/tone

· shifts in internal or external motion

· developments of characters, events, settings

The submissions can be sent to me as links.  They should be accompanied by a SHORT narrative of some kind—poem or prose—to be posted on each artist’s page to introduce his or her piece. 


Lost In The

Lost in the loamy sea, 
ten thousand dolphins 
with ebony wings
glide acrobatically.

                                                                                                                --Cynthia Willett

The deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2016.

After all submissions are in and works formatted on a blog similar to this,  I will create a new blog outlining the project at the Tate's BP Art Exchange, where the collected videos may be viewed as a group.

You can also submit your videos individually to the Tate London's video collection at: 

I will also upload the project to Slide Share. 

You may then include the new blog addresses, video and Slide Share links on your personal profile pages, artist blogs, bios or CV’s.  I continue to pursue venues for publication and will update you as new ones are found.

I am honored to be working with you all, dear colleagues, whose works I admire so much!

Best, Cynthia

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